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Dimensions (HxWxD): 

102 × 76 × 4cm


Acrylic on 100% thick depth cotton canvas.

Primary Medium: 



"Aurora" is a powerful and atmospheric painting. The deep blues and emerald greens contrast with the deeper ochres to form a glowing powerhouse of a painting. The colours are combined in such a way as to suggest an almost electric atmoshphere. The work is abstracted and yet evocative of a brooding sky that holds within it a striking beauty and calm. A viewer commented that it gives the feeling of the Italian domed Church, where the artist has painted the sky in its arches, to give the feeling of ascension, hope and salvation. A painting can be many things, this one inspires.  

The work is available to buy and can be shipped directly to your home. 


  • *High Quality Cotton Canvas

    *Ready to Hang on the Wall

    *Original Art-work

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