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Grace Aza-Selinger is an independent fine artist working in London.
She has exhibited extensively, including at The Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong, The Biscuit Factory, Vyner Street, and The Royal British Institute. In 2009 she was awarded a chance to appear alongside Paula Rego and Peter Blake in an international auction of art-works in the Newcomers section and in 2011 worked alongside Katerina Seda at the Tate Modern. Most recently she
was selected as a featured artist for Rise Art in their ‘Top 100 artists of the future’.

Grace's abstract landscapes act as a sort of escapism from city life and a channel into the natural world. In particular, Berlin and the ideology surrounding the forest has strongly influenced her work. The
poet Tom Westerman reviews Grace's practice from a recent exhibition:
Through the artist's experience of natural beauty spots within cityscapes and raw pastoral settings the sense of awe these paintings instil work as a powerful reminder of the infinite colour, diversity and multi-
dimensionality of human experience.

Grace works with Interior Designers, private collectors and galleries.
Her paintings can be found all over the world including London, Oman, Paris &

Authorised Dealer: Rise Art

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“There is fluidity and such depth within Grace's work. I was lucky enough to have worked in a house with 2 Monet’s and an Angrand. Grace's pieces with water and leaves/buds have the same quality of light about them. I could really loose myself within them for hours!"

Hazel Hutchings

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